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Immetee Shouwu Anti-Dropping Essential Oil 50Ml Hair Tonic

Immetee Shouwu Anti-Dropping Essential Oil 50Ml Hair Tonic

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Product informatio:

Applicable hair quality: general

Shelf life: 2 years
Function: nourish hair
Cosmetic features: use effect
Net content: 50mL
Fragrance type: pure plant

Applicable crowd: hair loss crowd


1. Wash the hair with clean water, and then gently dry it with a towel.

2. Take 3 ml of this product and apply it evenly on the hair loss area.

3. Gently massage the hair loss area with fingers for about 2-3 minutes to make it fully absorbed.

4. After using this product, there is no peculiar smell, no residue, and no need to wash the applied part with water.


1. Please store in a cool and dry place;

2. It is prohibited for pregnant women, avoid grasping by children, avoid taking it orally, if it gets into the eyes, please rinse with water immediately;
3. If you are allergic to this product, it is recommended to stop using this product immediately.
4. During the use of this product, avoid eating spicy food.


This product ha s the functions of expanding capillaries on the head, stimulating hair follicles, and promoting blood circulation, so that the hair roots are fully nourished, and the hair has good flexibility and not easy to become brittle, and can delay the growth of whiteness and maintain Hair is smooth and shiny, long-term use of this product can effectively prevent hair loss.


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