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Rice Water Soap EELHOE, Longsheng Hair Problem Solver Anti Hair Fall Rice Soap for Hair Growth

Rice Water Soap EELHOE, Longsheng Hair Problem Solver Anti Hair Fall Rice Soap for Hair Growth

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Product Description:

  • Rice Water for Hair Growth - Rice has the energy to nurture life, then its LongSheng Rice wash water extract also activates the hair follicles of the scalp and reduces the appearance of hair fall. Provides a gentle environment for new hair to regrow. Strengthens damaged hair, thus restoring a beautiful hair.

  • Longsheng Rice Shampoo Bars For Hair Growth - This shampoo and conditioner soap is made from fermented nutritional extracts of Longsheng rice and coconut oil. Pure natural ingredients are safer than any chemically synthesised substances because we know that a healthy scalp environment is the foundation of all care.
  • Believe in the power of nature - natural ingredients are capable of long-term use without damaging the resistance of the scalp. We have also added coconut essential oil for a delicate coconut oil scent that is not overpowering. Because natural rice washes can have a greasy smell.

Product Specification:

  • Rice Water Shampoo: Rice water is known for its soft and rich ingredients, which can promote hair growth. We bring these quality rice into the shampoo, starting from the shampoo to care for your hair.

  • Hair Care: Nourish the hair, clean and improve hair dryness, easy to comb after washing, help to improve dandruff.
  • Repair Fiber: Enter the pores through the hair, give the skin complete nutrition, and make it the basis of luster.
  • Restore Hair Smoothness: Deeply replenish the nutrients needed by hair to restore natural smoothness.
  • Hair Type: Very suitable for normal hair (washed every 2-3 days) to oily hair (washed once a day). Suitable for curly, wavy and straight hair.

Color Classification:

Citrus, Floral, Sweet Musk, Tasteless



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